Will the activities run on my computer?
Our activities have been carefully designed to run on Windows based PC computers. The software should be downloaded to your computer and saved either on your desktop or on a shared folder on your network. If you are not sure how to do this, please talk to your IT support person in school.


How do I download the activities?

Subscribers can download all of our activities from our Download page. Free Trial subscribers may download the 'Animal Whimsy' activity for evaluation. Our activity files are for Windows PC and have been fully virus checked. Simply save the files to your computer, unzip them to a folder either on your desktop or school network and double click to start them. There is no need to install them.

We are sorry but we are unable to provide download activities for MAC OS.


How do I use the activities with access devices? Our activities can be used with a range of different access devices and can be personalised to meet the specific needs of individual learners. Almost all of our activities use the same settings. This is important We want our activities to be easy to learn and use. Once you have learned how to use one, you'll be able to use them all. We've created a simple guide including some helpful tips here: Using the Settings.


How do I set up my switches?

Our activities are designed to work with switch interfaces which send <SPACE> for switch one and <ENTER> for switch two. Most problems with switches not working are because the the interface is not sending the correct key strokes. Check with the your specific interface manufacturer for the correct setting for the device.

Our switch activities do not work with switch interfaces that send mouse clicks such as an adapted mouse. While mouse button switches can work at a simple level, they do not work well when used for switch scanning.


How do I set up my eye gaze system?

To use our activities with your eye gaze you should set your system to 'Windows Control' or 'mouse' mode. Each eye gaze system and software uses their own settings. Please check the manufacturer's manual for specific settings.

Our activities have specific settings for eye gaze which handle both the dwell click timing and clicking. Use the activity menu screens to set a dwell click interval appropriate to the needs of your learner. 



What happens to the software when my subscription ends?

While we hope that you will re-subscribe and continue to enjoy the many benefits our website offers, we do not code time limits or any other restrictions into our software. Should you chose not to resubscribe, the software will continue to work and you are free to keep using it for as long as you wish.


Other SEN activities run online. Why did you choose to download?

Software designed for young people with special needs who are just beginning their journey of understanding access devices need software that works. There can be no delay when the child presses the switch before the reward plays. While it is possible to write activities for switch, touch, mouse and eye gaze users in HTML5 and Javascript, there is always a tradeoff to make it work within a browser. We would rather have the software work every time even if your internet is down in school than risk losing that magical learning moment to slow internet and the restrictions enforced by web browsers.

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