Feed Me

Feed Me is a fun program for young people with additional needs who are learning the important tracking and timing skills they'll need to make choices with one switch scanning. The program features a hungry plant and some very tasty insects. Press your switch at the right time to help the plant catch all of the insects. Catch enough and get a musical reward. 

Feed Me is perfect for learners who are working to develop or build on access skills including single switch timing. 

Using Feed Me is easy. Simply click the button for the access device you are using and the activity is ready to go. The program has three skill levels which provide the support necessary to make progress towards single switch scanning.  Full instructions on how to set up the program for your access devices are included in the data sheet below.

Feed Me Support Resources
Download a range of support resources including teaching guides and switch caps to help you make the most of Feed Me in your home, school or therapy centre. 

Supporting Resources