The Animal Song

A collection of activities based on the very popular Animal Song from musician and music therapist Andy Pidcock. The collection includes both cause and effect and choosing versions of the programs plus support materials.

Here's a brief explanation of the features of each program.

Animal Song Switch Caps and PECS Cards
Download and print a collection of support resources for our Animal Song activity.

Animal Song Cause and Effect
Featuring the popular Animal Song from Andy Pidcock this activity presents the student with images of animal. Pressing the switch, touching, clicking or focusing gaze will cause the reward song to play. Animals are chosen randomly by the program. For single switch, touchscreen, pointing device or eye gaze.

Animal Song Choosing
A choosing version of our popular 'Animal Song' program. Provides opportunities to choose animals with one or two switch scanning, direct choice from three with a mouse or touchscreen and eye gaze selection from a choice of two.