Download all of our activities to run on your computer

School subscribers should download all of our activities to their computer or school network. To download any of our activities, simply click the button to save an activity to your computer. Now unzip the files to a folder on your computer or desktop. Double click the activity file to run it. There is no need to install the activities.

All SENict Software activities are for computers running the Windows operating system.

Animal Whimsy is one of our most popular cause and effect activities for young people who are learning to use switches, touch screens, pointing devices and eye gaze systems. It features high contrast, cute animals set to motivating music and animation to help your students engage with the screen.

Free trial subscribers may download 'Animal Whimsy' absolutely free as our gift for evaluating our web site. This is a full version of the software, free from restrictions. When your free trial ends you may use Animal Whimsy in your school or at home for as long as you wish.

School subscribers may download all of the activities below.