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Twenty carefully designed, highly motivating teaching activities for young people who are learning to access a computer with switches, touch-screens, pointing devices and eye systems. Find out more

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Set meaningful targets and work towards greater independence with our comprehensive guides to access skills progression and personalised assessment materials. Find out more

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Lots of useful resources including teaching guides and switch caps to prints together with other carefully designed offline programs and tools to use alongside our activities. Find out more

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SENICT Software online is a unique web site which provides carefully designed, highly motivating online teaching applications for young people with special educational needs who are learning to interact with a computer with assistive technology devices such as switches, touchscreens, mouse and eye gaze together with all of the tools and resources you'll need to assess and measure their progress.

Although presented as games, our online activities are full teaching packages which have been researched, designed and written by an experienced special needs software developer who has contributed to the design of some of the world's leading special needs software.

Twenty teaching applications are currently available covering a wide range of access skills across the full range of assistive technology devices with more being added every month. Each application is linked to 'small steps' skills progression documents and assessment materials enabling you to use this web site to assess your learners, set meaningful targets for them, teach them new skills and monitor their progress. You'll also find a range of very useful extension activities and offline tools to support your learners and help them generalise their skills.