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Five new cause and effect programs
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Our NEW web site will launch in September giving you access a huge range of online teaching activities for children and young people who are learning to interact with a computer using switches, touch-screens, pointing devices and eye gaze. Each activity is supported by in-depth teaching guides, visual supports and more.
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Download detailed assessment materials you can personalise to meet the needs of your school or student and use them to monitor progress and set meaningful targets to work towards. Access additional offline tools and resources to enrich and expand work with access devices across the day and the school curriculum.
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Full support is available through helpful teaching guides, extension materials and support videos to help you get the very best results for your learner no matter which assistive technology device they are using.
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PLEASE NOTE: The free activities on this web site have moved to a new home. If you wish to continue using these activities, please visit our SENICT ONLINE PORTAL and update your links and bookmarks.
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