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About us
The SENICT Software web site was started by special school teacher Ian Bean in an effort to create a safe environment for children with severe and complex needs to use online activities. This isn't Ian's first project. In 1999, Ian wrote the Priory Woods School web site creating what is still the most popular special school web site. At Priory Woods, Ian created hundreds of accessible teaching resources which are still shared online by the school today, together with the innovative 'Kids Only' area which placed activities appropriate to the needs of these learners in a safe and accessible online environment.

Ian's work on the Priory Woods web site won the school a Childnet Award and has been much emulated by special schools and companies who provide online accessible activities for this sector. The Priory Woods 'Kids Only' area ran for almost 12 years attracting millions of visitors who came to enjoy accessible activities such as an online Advent Calendar which gave children a new accessible activity every day in December. Others came to take part in online collaboration projects such as the very popular 'If I was a giant' story writing project, which saw children from all over the world write stories and submit drawing and photographs for publication on the web site. Priory Woods

Ian Bean
Ian left Priory Woods School to join Inclusive Technology as Special Projects Manager where his primary role was to identify and research good practice in the use assistive technology in schools and use that information to inform the design and marketing of new Inclusive Technology products. Ian has played a key role in the design of some of the world's best selling special needs software including MyBoard, SwitchIt! Maker, ChooseIt! Maker and Slideshow Maker, Inclusive's SwichIt! and Switch Skills series and the online service HelpKidzLearn.
Inclusive softare that Ian helped design

Ian left Inclusive Technology in 2011 to set up his own training and consultancy business where he provides ICT training to schools and other organisations involved in the education of children with severe and complex special educational needs. In his consultancy work, Ian works with schools to help them develop and share their good practice in the use of assistive technology to support teaching, learning and communication. Ian has worked with a number of companies developing programs and apps for this sector to help them design and deliver high quality accessible products with clear learning goals for people with severe and complex needs including Autism.

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