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Five new cause and effect programs
A website dedicated to providing high quality teaching activities and games for children with a special educational needs. Our activities are designed to be accessible to everyone including those who access the computer with assistive technology such as switches, touch-screens, mouse and alternative pointing devices including eye gaze.

Free Always free

All of our online activities are free for you to use at school or at home. There is no subscription to pay each month. We've deliberately chosen to have no advertisments or outward links in the 'playzone'. As teachers, we know how annoying it is to find good online activities spolied by a page full of advertisments.

Access our 'Infozone' where you will find advice and information about using assistive technology to support access, communication and independence skills. There's information there about most common assistive technologies including eye gaze systems.

Meet the Aliens Pro
Visit our 'buyzone' where you'll find full screen 'PRO' versions of our best activities enhanced with high quality animations and sound effects and even more exciting scenes and features to engage your learners. Pro titles run on Windows based computers with some available as apps for both iPad and Android.

We offer school licences, which will allow you to install the software on all of the computers in your school or very affordable home licence versions at pocket money prices.

Now available on CD
All of our software titles can be downloaded directly from this web site to your computer. These 'digital download' versions feature software manuals in PDF format and are quick to download and set up on your computer. More importantly, you save £$ on printing and postage costs.

If you prefer, you can buy our software titles on CD. Each program comes professionally packaged with installers for Windows computers.

Postage and packing charges apply to all CD sales. Please note that we currently only ship CD versions of our software to the U.K.

All of our activities and games have been designed and developed by Ian Bean, an experienced teacher and educational consultant with many years experience of teaching children with severe and complex needs including Autism.
Ian researched and help develop much of the best selling special needs software used in schools around the world.
Visit our 'about us' page to find out more.